Take inspiration from your garden and make Christmas a TrenDIY outside affair. With these elegant yet simple ideas, your festive gathering will be one to remember for a long, long time.

INSPIRATION: Crimson bottle brushes (Botanic name: Callistemon spp. The name is derived from the Greek words kallos, meaning beauty, and stemon, meaning stamen, describing the coloured stamens, the showy part of the flowers. Source http://www.burkesbackyard.com.au) will add a pop of perfect pink to your setting and natural elements like wood, stone, cement and glass pairs beautifully with the colour.

Easy DIY ideas for your festive arrangement

  • Perk up ordinary glass bottles by covering the bottom quarter with twine.
  • Use a large cement planter for Christmas decorations and crackers on the table.

  • Hang bunting (triangle cut pieces of fabric sewed to a ribbon) from the trees

  • Make a memory book and write happy notes and wishes inside and collect and print pictures of the day and paste them inside the book – your own DIY album, Voila!

  • Make you your own nature inspired votives. Collect twigs and arrange them around a glass jar. Glue them in position with a glue gun. Paint hot pink dashes or stripes on the twigs, Dala craft paint R16.95 at TrenDIY.

Photographer Antonia Heil, DNA Photographers
Model Jane Kotze