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Geo Pastels

I am loving black and white even more than usual at the moment. It generally is a classic safe base to work from when putting a colour scheme together, but tinges of colourful pastels brightening the monochrome aspect caught my eye while I was delving through new magazines, old ones and looking more into this refreshing look on the net… Read more →

#3 decor crush

Right back in the saddle in Cape Town after an eventful week in Pretoria, Hartebeesfontein and Johannesburg shooting for Tuis & Home magazine, I have to tell you I am inspired and slightly colour crazed at the moment. Yesterday I was immersed in the world of sleek, pretty, colourful designs. There are so many plans in my head,  I want… Read more →

#1 decor crush

I’m scouring the web for inspiration and most of the blogs I read talk about girl crushes (if you fancy a girl and what she’s doing or has achieved, or just like her style) or boy crushes (pretty much the same as girl crushes) and then I thought, I’d most probably have a crush on a shop, if you can… Read more →