REDD May competition – week 1


Competition runs effectively from 2 May 2014

Winner will be announced 9 May 2014


Happy Birthday in May Competition starting Friday 25 April 2014

Place a post on my

  • Facebook page Misi Overturf – Creative consultant
  • Instagram misioverturf
  • Twitter @misioverturf

The post must be pic with a short description of something beautiful that inspires you. Use the hashtag #REDDstylegems for me to track it, and write a short description about the picture.

On Friday 1 May the lucky winner with the most beautiful pic of the week will be announced.

I’ll repost the pic, contact the winner and send you a copy of REDD.

How easy is that?

May comp week 1

Here’s why: The first part of Real Easy Décor & DIY (in short REDD) is dedicated to just that…How do you define your style? How do you decide what you like? We all need inspiration, it helps us create spaces we like to live in. And I sincerely believe we all have the ability to put down personality and a unique sense of character in our homes, it just sometimes need a little guidance…If you start collecting textures, patterns, colours and pics of things you’ll like a wonderful collection of YOU-things will start to take shape.

Here’s my pic for week 1

#REDDstylegems week 1

When I travel it’s the hidden little gems that take my breath away. Found this gorgeous staircase on The Prince’s Island near Istanbul. I love this pic, it is so full, old worldly and the vintage wallpaper on the steps… lovely.


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