Drawing the lines

DIY for Plascon Spaces

Create interest, a dash of drama and the illusion of extra space in a narrow galley kitchen by emblazoning your floor with broad horizontal stripes.


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Paint: Plascon Floor Paint in White, Plascon Wall & All in Black, Plascon Glatex 8 Enamel, Plascon Glatex 8 Enamel Hardener

Other: Hamilton 160mm foam roller, Hamilton 38mm paintbrush, pencil, measuring tape, masking tape, baton, paint tray

you need


1. Ensure that the floor surface is clean before you start measuring and painting. Mask off the edges of skirting boards or cupboards that might come in contact with paint. Coat the whole floor area with one coat of Plascon Floor Paint using the Hamilton  foam roller and Hamilton 38mm paintbrush for the edges.


2. Once the floor is dry, start at one end and draw the stripes’ positions with a pencil and measuring tape, marking off 25cm increments, and drawing three dots per section.


3. Connect the dots across the length of each line using the long, wooden baton as a ruler.


4. Use the pencil to make an X inside every second stripe, leaving the white stripes unmarked. Mask off the inside edges of what will be the white stripes.
5. Coat the stripes marked with Xs with Plascon Wall & All using the roller and the Hamilton paintbrush to carefully fill in the edges. Allow the paint to dry before applying a second coat.


6. Once the paint has dried, gently remove the masking tape from the white stripes. Mix the Plascon Glatex 8 Enamel and Hardener according to instructions and apply two to three coats, allowing it to dry before each new coat is applied.

Photographs: Shavan Rahim

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