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Fruit cocktail

Summer fruit is a beauty booster that literally grows on trees. Fresh fruit is packed with antioxidants – your allies against nasty free radicals, or groups of atoms that float around your body, impairing the immune system and cells (even causing ageing and cancer). Don’t stop at just eating fruit… turn it into a complete pamper session! Apples The malic… Read more →

My M&M’s

How cute and yummy are these personalised M&M‘s? Yes. I looked and looked again, and then saw it, my name on every single bon-bon in the tub of treats. Gerjo went to NY and was literally like a child in a candy store. He came back with my regular stash of Trish McEvoy make up, and tub full of red… Read more →

Baking spree

I was looking forward to Thursday a lot. I invited friends for dinner, I’ve missed so many birthdays in the last while, and I wanted to make up for it, and thought I’d bake a special cake. A cake was to be baked, and it happened! By the way, I love Magnolia Bakery (who doesn’t) in NY, and decided to… Read more →

Vrou(e) wat Inspireer

‘n Inspirasie – Ina Paarman By die jaarlikse Altasorg Vroue-oggend by Nelsons Creek verlede Saterdag het ‘n wonderlike groep sprekers opgetree. Ds Johan Symmington, Dr ST Potgieter, Martelize Brink as MC en Ina Paarman het die oggend gesels met die 350 vroue wat ten bate van Altasorg die oggend moontlik gemaak het. Op Vrouedag wil ek graag Ina Paarman se… Read more →

One layer CAKE

  Cape Town based photographer, Deryck Van Steenderen, got in touch a while back with me to catch up. We did a few photo shoots together in 2004 for Ideas, then Women’s Value, and The Publishing Partnership. After a nice cuppa at the Artisan Bakery, 8 odd years were condensed into a summary of shoots on both sides and we… Read more →