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Fruit cocktail

Summer fruit is a beauty booster that literally grows on trees. Fresh fruit is packed with antioxidants – your allies against nasty free radicals, or groups of atoms that float around your body, impairing the immune system and cells (even causing ageing and cancer). Don’t stop at just eating fruit… turn it into a complete pamper session! Apples The malic… Read more →

#tbt test styling – years ago

One thing I’ve learnt in my career is, people try to pigeonhole you. It is either: you are a visual person or a words person. Erm. I love both. When I was little I was very fond of Helen Keller’s quotes and kind of dreamt that one day I will write something profound that will inspire people. That isn’t the… Read more →

#1 decor crush

I’m scouring the web for inspiration and most of the blogs I read talk about girl crushes (if you fancy a girl and what she’s doing or has achieved, or just like her style) or boy crushes (pretty much the same as girl crushes) and then I thought, I’d most probably have a crush on a shop, if you can… Read more →

Vogue Inspired Shoot

One of my passions. Creative collaboration and styling beautiful pictures. This shoot was a while back…actually I can’t remember exactly when, a year or two ago?? It was a fantastic day out in the country doing a test shoot with photographer Johan Wilke and legend hair and make up artist Ronel Kapp. Rilee, her gorgeous daughter was the beautiful model.… Read more →