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Work done for the charity I support.

Vrou(e) wat Inspireer

‘n Inspirasie – Ina Paarman By die jaarlikse Altasorg Vroue-oggend by Nelsons Creek verlede Saterdag het ‘n wonderlike groep sprekers opgetree. Ds Johan Symmington, Dr ST Potgieter, Martelize Brink as MC en Ina Paarman het die oggend gesels met die 350 vroue wat ten bate van Altasorg die oggend moontlik gemaak het. Op Vrouedag wil ek graag Ina Paarman se… Read more →

Altasorg looking up

I simply just had to share a little sneak preview of how the Altasorg Centre’s revamp is looking at this point. I am so excited about how it’s coming together. The generosity of people is astounding! We asked and received so many things that helped to make this project a reality. The two chairs were upholstered with fabric sponsored by… Read more →