Kakimore, Tokyo Japan

Craft in Kuramae

I have a slight obsession with Japan, be it the cherry blossoms, their style or the intricate craft, its very mesmerizing to me. Reading other blogs and travel articles, I am in love with the notion that it is often referred to as a parallel universe to the rest of the world. While researching this weekend I came across this… Read more →

Photography Johan Wilke

Fruit cocktail

Summer fruit is a beauty booster that literally grows on trees. Fresh fruit is packed with antioxidants – your allies against nasty free radicals, or groups of atoms that float around your body, impairing the immune system and cells (even causing ageing and cancer). Don’t stop at just eating fruit… turn it into a complete pamper session! Apples The malic… Read more →

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 14.11.27

L & G Tools feature on REDD & Misi

Article on L & G Tools website Catching up with DIY-inspirer Misi Overturf Misi Overturf is a Cape based content editor who specialises in creative direction, visual storytelling, copy writing and styling.  We caught up with her recently.   Q: Tell us about a little about yourself. A :  I am an avid DIY-inspirer and host creative workshops, demonstrations and… Read more →